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Body Slimming Cream RM13.00
It stimulates metabolic rate, promotes blood circulation and eliminates fats under the skin layers. Twice daily, simply apply and massage cream onto fat accumulated areas i.e. abdomen, buttocks, thighs and arms. Massage cream until it absorbs into skin for satisfactory results.


How it Works ?
Chosen herbal extracts specifically to have best results on breaking down fats in the adipose tissue (fat cell) and promoting healthy skin condition


Burst Firming Cream RM13.00
It reshapes your body contour especially your bust and neckline. Simply massage the cream twice daily after bath and before sleeping. Regularly use, you can feel the difference within a month.


How it Works ?
The herbal extracts works deeply under the skin layers to strengthen its surrounding pectoral muscles structure and to promote healthy muscle tissue and fiber


Feminine Hygiene Wash RM5.00
This is a mild and soap-free cleanser for intimate hygiene care. Formulated to neutralize the pH of the intimate area especially after menstruation and with Lactic Acid to prevent infections and irritations to skin, leaving a confident you whole day.